Clients Chris and Stan Lucas discuss their home renovation experience with Wanda Madrid-Diaz, an intern architect
with Reinhardt Architects

Why did you call an architect?
My wife and I were interested in doing something unique and affordable. We were interested in staying true to the style of our mid-century ranch home but would be able to update it to be more functional and contemporary. We wanted to find someone who would manage the project effectively while meeting our design goals.

Did Bob meet or exceed your expectations?
Bob exceeded our demanding expectations. He not only shared our vision for the project but added refinements and details that went way beyond our expectations. His attention to detail: including color schemes, trim and molding choices, lighting, building materials and many other fine points exceeded our expectations.

While we were fortunate to have an excellent contractor, Bob was meticulous in managing each aspect of the project from demolition through punch list completion. His timely answers and guidance to us and the contractors kept the project on track and within scope. We also appreciated the fact that he served as our reliable advocate in discussions with the contractor and subcontractors and that he was proactive in identifying and resolving issues before they became problems.

Did Bob listen to all of your wants and needs for the project?
My wife and I were influenced early on by the architect Sarah Susanka’s “Not So Big House” philosophy and design principles. Essentially, she emphasizes incorporating quality and a high level of detail in order to make a home more livable rather than simply adding space. Bob wholly embraced this philosophy and all of his design recommendations showed how in tune he was with our requirements.

What did you like best about working with Bob?
While every remodeling project is inherently stressful, Bob was able to allay our concerns by his forthright manner and enthusiasm. Bob’s thoroughness, attentiveness, and commitment to the project were exceptional as was his memory for detail. We found Bob to be both firm in his design ideas but also flexible in finding workable alternatives when we disagreed on specifics. Bob quickly earned our confidence and appreciation and we truly enjoyed working with him.

What did you dislike?
The initial stage of the project; after completion of the initial drawings through release of the design documents for bid, took longer than we anticipated. However, once the project was underway the work went smoothly.

Did he keep you informed throughout the whole process?
Bob outlined the process to us in advance and guided us step by step as we moved forward. This resulted in no surprises along the way.

Is the completed renovation what you both hoped for?
The renovation exceeds our expectations both in terms of quality, functionality, and aesthetics. Our home is much more livable and attractive and makes a unified statement both inside and out. Our friends, family, and neighbors are amazed at the transformation that Bob was able to achieve while emphasizing the most appealing aspects of our 50’s rambler. We feel fortunate to be able to stay in our neighborhood and at the same time enjoy the experience of a new home.

Would you recommend Reinhardt Architects to your friends or colleagues?
We would certainly recommend Bob to our friends and colleagues who are interested in working with a creative
professional who is committed to his client and to delivering a high quality home renovation within budget.